Must Visit Places In Vienna!

English: Interior of the Vienna State Opera. T...

English: Interior of the Vienna State Opera. Taken 11 June 2006. Nederlands: Interieur van de Weense Staatsopera. Genomen op 11 juni 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The European nations boast of a rich classical heritage. Not being able to explore the classical ancestry during a ‘European Vacation’ can render your whole trip useless. Therefore, it is always better to plan an itinerary before booking your flight tickets. Yes, you should plan that early!

Austria, Vienna, Vienna State Opera Русский: А...

Austria, Vienna, Vienna State Opera Русский: Австрия, Вена, Венская государственная опера Français : Autriche, Vienne, Wiener Staatsoper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this blog post, I shall be talking about three must-visit places in the Austrian city of Vienna. I hope this will help you in planning the perfect European Vacation and if you are not going to Europe anytime soon, I shall hope to create the aura for you through my words!

Vienna is popularly known as The City of Music. With a tradition in music, art and architecture that goes beyond the memory of the today’s individual, the capital of Austria is always in a carnival-like mood, thus making the whole idea of life a little celebration! Though the city is a beautiful place and does not require any further elaboration or description, I would still suggest that you include the below-mentioned places in your list of ‘To See’ as the places are as crucial to your experience of Vienna as is a cocoa bean to coffee!

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Most famous church in Austria, the Cathedral supports a Romanesque structure. The Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Vienna, thus, assuming a religious significance for christians world over. The towers of the castle look over the city and provide scenic beauty to the Viennese landscape. The Cathedral is known to have survived a fire in 1263, post which, it was restored to its former grandeur and beauty. The Cathedral was again caught in fire during the Second World War, which burned down the roofs, the vaults and the middle choir. All these details are important to fully admire the sublime beauty of the cathedral. The grey towers are a testimony to the changing face of human civilization and surely, the cathedral is one of the most beautiful features on that face. Apartment rent Vienna

Vienna Opera House

As mentioned earlier, the city of Vienna has been called The City of Music owing to its brilliant music heritage. Vienna supports several opera houses but the most grand of all, Vienna Opera House, dates back to mid-19th century. Originally called ‘Vienna Court Opera’, the opera house is known to produce 50-60 operas in a year and deliver 300 performances in a year. Boasting a splendid architecture; the opera house is a must-visit on the list of architecture students, music lovers and tourists alike.

The HofburgPalace

The phrase ‘Seat of Power’ has always referred to an abstract ‘seat’. However, Vienna is home to a palace, which can well be called the ‘Seat of Power’ owing to its remarkably powerful significance in history. The palace is known to have housed some of the most influential personalities of European and Austrian history across dynasties and more recently, across governments and currently is the residential address of the President of Austria.

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